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1. When determining my value, are you comparing my home to the sales of homes in my area or across town?
2. Are the assessment value changes made on only the inspected 25% of properties?
3. What if I’m not home when the inspector visits can I make an appointment?
4. When will my property be inspected?
5. Can I discuss the value of my property with the Inspectors?
6. Can I discuss the new assessment with the Assessor if I disagree or have questions?
7. When will taxpayers be informed of their new assessment?
8. How will a reassessment affect taxes?
9. What is done during a reassessment?
10. What causes inequitable assessments?
11. Why is there a need for a reassessment?
12. What is a full and fair value?
13. What is a reassessment?
14. How do I file a tax appeal?