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Codington Woods


Codington Trail Map (PDF)


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Historical Information

Located on 15 Mt. Horeb Road, Codington Woods has 45 hilltop wooded acres; a working farm and woodlot from before 1742 (when the adjoining historic farmstead was begun) until the 1960’s when cultivation yielded to re-vegetation, in 2003 still occupied by descendants of the original Codington family. In 1998 Lora Codington (born, 1910), avoided development pressures by selling the house, farmland, furnishings and equipment to Warren to assure historic and natural preservation.

Trail Description

Rough and rocky blazed trails form two loops, together exploring the entire tract.

Southern Loop

The southern loop includes a fruit orchard of old but productive apple, pear, and cherry trees, two farm fields now overgrown with bushes and young trees, a large open grove of mature maples and oaks, and a former sheep pasture now colorful with dogwood, cedar and birch trees and flowering shrubs.

Northern Loop

The northern loop is dense with very large old hardwood groves and vines typical of a virgin piedmont forest. Throughout are rows of basalt rocks cleared from tillable farmlands, and occasional old iron farm machinery.

Trail Access Points

Parking is available at 15 Mount Horeb Road. Terrain is dry and shady.

Wildlife includes:

  • All smaller mammals
  • Coyote
  • Deer (including albino strains)
  • Fox
  • Many bird and insect species
  • Turkey

This tract provides the only tree cover for wildlife movement between second and third mountain ridges when combined with Mt. Horeb Springs tract.