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Warren Nature Preserve


Warren Nature Preserve Trail Map (PDF)


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Warren Nature Preserve and pond is located on Mt. Horeb Road about a 1/2 mile from the intersection of Mt. Horeb Road and Mt. Bethel Road past the Central School on the right.


Parking for the Warren Nature Preserve and Pond is available at 182 Mt. Horeb Road. From the parking lot you can walk to the pond 100 yards through the woods. Entrance at 173 Mount Horeb Road has a small parking lot and the start of the trail is near the large meadow.

Parking off of Powderhorn Drive and Technology Drive to access this recreation areas prohibited (exception may be made for the annual Spring Fishing Derby). 


The following rules apply:

  • Fish must be returned to the pond
  • No barbed hooks
  • No cooking/barbecues at the pond
  • No parking on the lawn
  • Please help pick up litter around the pond, use garbage cans supplied