Fire Code

As per the Township of Warren Ordinance February 4, 2018, and the New Jersey State Uniform Fire Code section 5:70-419, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide alarms, and a portable fire extinguisher must be installed in all residences prior to resale or change of tenant. The installation must be inspected by the local fire department inspector prior to the closing or change of tenant. As per State regulations, failure to comply with this requirement will result in a penalty of $500 being assessed to the seller of a residence or to the landlord of a rented property.

View the guidelines for installation and inspection requirements of Warren Township and the New Jersey Uniform Fire Code.

For more information for applying and scheduling your fire inspection please visit the Residential Smoke Detector Inspection Information.

Smoke Detectors

  • Detector must be clearly audible
  • Detector must not be more than 12 inches below the ceiling if mounted on a side wall
  • Detector on every level of the home (excluding crawl spaces and attics)
  • Detector outside every bedroom and at a maximum distance of 10 feet from the bedroom door
  • Detectors not located within three feet of a bathroom, kitchen or air duct
  • Detectors must be the models with a 10 year life battery 
  • Detectors not within dead air space (four inches from a side wall if on the ceiling / four inches from the ceiling if on a sidewall
  • Detectors tested and functioning (test should be conducted with approved testing smoke)

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

  • Detector is clearly audible
  • Detector located on each level on which a bedroom is located
  • Detector may be battery-operated, hard-wired or of the plugin type
  • Detector tested by the operation of the test button and functioning
  • Detector UL listed in accordance with UL-2034
  • Detector(s) must be at a maximum distance of 10 feet from any bedroom door
  • Detectors not beyond the manufactures recommended replacement time (usually five to seven years)

Fire Extinguishers

  • Extinguisher gauge indicates that it is fully charged (within the green area of the gauge)
  • Extinguisher has proper approved, clear labeling
  • Extinguisher is mounted on the wall with the approved hanging bracket provided by the manufacturer
  • Extinguisher listed by an approved testing agency
  • Extinguisher must be clearly visible and not blocked
  • Extinguisher within 10 feet of the kitchen and towards an exit door (not in a dead-end area)
  • Extinguishers must be less than one year old or tagged with a date within one year by an approved fire extinguisher service company
  • Operating instructions must be clearly visible
  • The size shall be no smaller than 2A:10BC, rated for residential use and weigh not more than 10 pounds
  • Top of the extinguisher not more than five feet off the floor


Any questions related to these requirements can be answered by the Warren Township Fire Prevention Bureau at 908-753-8000, ext. 274.