Zoning Enforcement

Zoning Permits

The Board of Adjustment permits home or business owners a vehicle to which to appeal to the Town for variances to develop or expand their home or business. A variance is a quality of being different, divergent or inconsistent. In the case of the Board of Adjustment, a request for a variance is a request to deviate from the ordinances promulgated by the Town.

Zoning Officer


  • Administers the tree protection and replacement ordinance
  • Advises on the completeness of applications pending before both boards
  • Interfaces with consulting planners
  • Supervises the development and maintenance of the geographic information system

Additionally, the Zoning Officer serves as the staff liaison to the Planning Board, Board of Adjustment, and Environmental Commission.

Zoning Activities

Zoning activities, administered by the Zoning Officer, include:

  • Issuing warning notices and/or summonses for violations of the zoning code or violations of site plan conditions as set by the Planning Board or Board of Adjustment
  • Issuing zoning permits (including fence, temporary signs, signs, and tree) and zoning certificates of occupancy
  • Performing regular inspections within the township to ensure compliance with zoning ordinances and approvals
  • Reviewing applications for development and/or construction prior to the issuance of construction permits to determine compliance with zoning standards