Step 3: Fingerprinting

Whereas (RESOLUTION 2018-88), the Township Committee of the Township of Warren (the “Township Committee”) has determined that it is necessary for the security and well-being of its residents that any Director, Assistant Director, Secretary, a member of the Board of Director involved with a sports club, paid employee of a sport league and volunteer coaches; either head coach or assistant head coach, of the Township’s various sports leagues (League Officials), of children under the age of eighteen shall be fingerprinted and undergo a criminal history background check.  The Township Committee has determined that any individual who has been convicted of a crime or offense considered by the Township Administrator and the Chief of Police is to be a disqualifying event shall be removed from their current position of coach and barred from any league activities.

Coaches Instructions for Fingerprinting

All communication regarding your IdentoGo fingerprint appointment should be directed to their call center by calling 877-503-5981.

  1. Enrolling for fingerprints as of February 17, 2020, the New Jersey State Police Applicant Live Scan Fingerprinting Vendor (IDEMIA, formerly MorphoTrust USA) will be transitioning to a new enrollment system and website for scheduling of fingerprints.  All applicants will go to IDEMIA’S new website at This will eliminate the traditional IdentoGo Universal Fingerprint Form and applicants will no longer be required to provide the form at Idemia’s IdentoGo fingerprinting locations.  To register as a new applicant for fingerprint check you will enter in the following Service Code, 2F1J3Y that corresponds to NJ920610Z NJSP- Volunteer Review OPS Youth Serving Organization Volunteer YSB, then select “Schedule or Manage Appointment.”  You will then enter in your “Essential Info” and once complete you will enter the Contributor’s Case Number, which is T05003.
  2. After you apply and pay online and receive your receipt – for the day of your appointment – make a copy and email it to Warren Recreation, fax it to 908-757-9173 or mail it to:
    Warren Recreation
    46 Mountain Boulevard
    Warren, NJ 07059


Make sure there is an address, email, sport, and phone number on the form so we can contact you when the State Letter arrives. The Recreation Department will receive a letter from the State Police saying you passed or failed.


Warren Township Recreation will be notified if you fail the background check. We will let you know. At this point, you can contact the State Police by filling out the Criminal History Record Information Release Form (PDF) and mail it to the address attached to receive a copy of your background check.