Municipal Court Appearances

Court Proceedings due to COVID-19 (updated March 1, 2021)

Due to the current circumstance of COVID-19 all in-person sessions have been suspended until further notice. 

  • Court sessions are held virtually via Zoom every Tuesday at 1:30PM.  Prosecutor will be available to discuss your matters starting at 12:00pm via Zoom. 
  • In order to address your matter it is your responsibility to contact the court immediately.

COVID-19 Court Updates

Driving while using cell phone citations (updated March 1, 2021)

If you are cited for "driving while using cell phone" (39:4-97.3) it does require a court appearance. However, during COVID-19 you may plead guilty via plea by mail form without appearing virtually for court. Please call the court if you would like this option. However, if you feel you are not guilty, you will need to contact the court to schedule a virtual trial with the Officer for your ticket.

Certain violations may be amended via the "Online Dispute Resolution" system. Simply log on to and enter your ticket information, then click "Dispute this Ticket." You will need to create an account. This will allow you to amend your ticket and have it approved by the Prosecutor and Judge without making a court appearance.  See the Offense Eligible for Dispute Case (PDF) for the offenses that can be handled this way.

To view the statement of rights video in multiple languages and American Sign language please go to New Jersey Courts Website.