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Effective February 2007, applications for a Marriage License can be made in the town where either applicant lives. If marriage partners are both non-residents the license must be obtained from the registrar where the marriage is to be performed. The local registrar cannot issue the marriage license until 72 hours after the application. It is generally recommended that the application be started approximately three weeks prior to the ceremony as the license is valid for thirty days after it is issued. Couples are strongly encouraged to contact their local Registrar for an appointment and for additional details.

Death & Birth Certificates

Death Certificates and Birth Certificates are only available in Warren for those individuals who were actually born or died within Warren. In order to obtain certificates for those who were born or died in a medical facility, individuals must contact the Registrar of the town where the facility is located.

Registrar Forms


For requests or information related to Birth and Death Certificates, as well as Marriage Certificates, residents are advised to visit or contact the Registrar, Patricia Martins at 908-753-8000, ext. 239 in the Health Department.