Required Inspections

Construction work must be inspected in accordance with the State Uniform Construction Code Regulations NJ.A.C. 5:23-2.18. The Construction Office will carry out such periodic inspection during the progress of work as necessary to ensure that work installed conforms to the approved plans and the requirements of the Uniform Construction Code.

Getting Ready for Inspection

The owner or another responsible person in charge of work must notify this agency when work is ready for any required inspections specified. All work must be ready for inspection at the time the inspection is requested. A responsible person in charge of work must be present at the time of inspection. 


Requests for inspections must be made at least 24 hours prior to the day the inspection desired. Inspections will typically be performed on the day requested but no more than within three business days specified by statute. Work must not proceed in a manner, which will preclude the inspection until it has been made and approval given.

Required Inspections

Required inspections for one and two family dwellings are as follows:

  • Before placement of concrete for all structures including porches, decks, piers, pools, etc., the bottom of all:
    • Bonding 
    • Footing forms
    • Piers and footing trenches
    • Rebar
    • Tubes
      • Note: All new dwellings must have a soil bearing certification present, stating soil bearing capacity meets or exceeds design criteria, signed and sealed by a certified Soils Engineer.
  • Footing keyways, wall forms and steel reinforcement prior to placement of concrete or gunite.
  • Foundation including footing drain, filter fabric, damp proofing and anchor bolts prior to backfill and framing.
    • Note: No backfill inspection will be performed until a location survey, with the first floor and garage floor elevations indicated, is received and approved for all new dwellings.
  • Rough water piping including water service, sewer, septic, gas piping and underground services prior to framing inspection.
  • Rough wiring, including panels and service installations prior to framing inspection.
  • All slabs including vapor barrier, reinforcement and radon tee prior to the placement of concrete.
  • Sheathing, and wall bracing inspection prior to covering.
  • Framing inspection once all other rough inspections are completed
  • All firestop must be completed at the time of frame inspection.

Additional Framing Requirements

  • Floor framing prior to the placement of infill, subflooring, decking, or finish material for any floor framing less than 6 feet above floor or grade below.
  • All framing that cannot be seen prior to covering.
  • Insulation with a copy of office approved Rescheck or plan.
  • Final inspection by all applicable Subcodes prior to issuance of a certificate.
    • Note: No occupancy or use is permitted until all inspections have been approved and a certificate has been issued. No inspection will be performed with furniture or personal items in any new addition or dwelling.

Required Special Inspections

In conjunction with the items mentioned previously, additional inspections are required for the following:

  • Masonry fireplaces including throat prior to covering
  • Inspections which, because of their nature, are needed to ensure code compliance

A complete set of approved plans must be kept on site and available for all inspections. Field changes made to the project will require an as-built plan prior to any inspection or approvals.